One Man's Trash...

I was fabric shopping with a friend when she said, "remind me I have a bag of garbage for you".  She was talking about a bag of fabric scraps!!!  She used to throw these scraps away so I asked if she would save them for me.  After all, the saying: One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure has true meaning here.  What was garbage to her ---was certainly treasure to me.

I was very excited at the idea of getting this bag of scraps.  Then I showed her the crazy scrap blocks I've been working on.  Of course I am also excited about my project and showed her each block while I explained how they were made.  I looked up and when I saw the look on her face I realized that I was talking myself right out of those fabric scraps!!!

She has decided that she would like to make a crazy quilt too.  We are going to have a sewing day and work on one together.

She did give the bag of scraps to me but admitted it would probably be the last one I get from her.

Happy Quilting,