I have several sewing machines.  I like to have them, use them, collect them. One of my most prized possessions is this little Singer Featherweight machine.

Quilting Machine

This machine belonged to my mother.  My mom did not sew alot but she used this machine to mend tears, repair seams, alter a hem or two and give her daughters sewing experiences and skills.

My sisters and I learned to sew on this machine.  We made pillows, Halloween costumes and clothes including party dresses, jackets, cheer-leading outfits and school clothes.

I even made my first quilts on this sewing machine!!!

The Featherweight was, I believe, Singer's first electric portable sewing machine.  It is known for having the best, truly reliable straight stitch.  It has only the straight stitch and does include reverse.  This is a very trustworthy machine.

I like to pull this machine out and use it once in awhile.  My sister Carol and I were working on a project together and I used Mom's Featherweight.  I love the nostalgia.  I love the hum of the machine and the feel of it under my fingers. 

When I use this machine I tend to reminisce.  We spent many hours at this machine while growing up and it has a significant place in many of our stories and memories.  The day went quickly as my sister and I sewed and talked.  We remembered stories of our childhood.  We talked about our mom, dad, brother and sister.  We talked about our sewing beginnings and early projects.  I believe these early sewing experiences opened the door to what I do today.

I'm going to go sew something and make some more memories.

Happy Quilting,