New Project Idea

This has been another long week. New routines, doctor's appointments etc.  I'll be very happy when I have my stamina back and have energy to do all of the things I like to do!!!

I am very fortunate that my visiting nurse is absolutely wonderful. I commend people who work in the medical field and this woman, in my opinion, is gifted. She has knowledge, patience and compassion. 

I'm glad I have her as my nurse as she plans to retire in the next year or so and wouldn't be able to help me then.  I want to do something special for her and this got me thinking......Quilt.  She wears a variety of jackets (scrubs jackets?) and they are made of fabrics with beautiful colors and prints.  I think this collection of jackets will make a beautiful quilt that will be a wonderful reminder of her years as a home care nurse.

I'm not exactly sure what the pattern will be but she loves the idea of the quilt and planning is half the fun!!!

My doctor said my newest complication is just a little bump in the road......I am thankful I have quilting  to help get me through.  Having this new project to think about is making me feel better already!!!

Happy Quilting,