Need A Nap

I am not usually a napper.  I am usually a night person.  I don't know what's gotten into me this week but I think I need a nap!!!  I hope I'm not fighting a cold or something.......maybe it's just the really cold weather we're having right now but as soon as I sit down, I could fall asleep!!!

Despite my sleepiness, I have been quite productive this week.  I did all of the usual school and household things, cut pieces for a couple more quilts, looked through books and magazines for planning (like I need more projects on my list), taught a mini-class on making a T-Shirt quilt, worked on a quilt-in-progress, read a book, spent some time fabric/pattern shopping, and last night went to a school board meeting (which lasted a crazy long time).

Whew!  Maybe I do need a nap!

I'm going to snuggle under a quilt now and read a chapter or two of my book before I go to bed (of course my intentions are good but in reality I'll probably fall asleep after a couple of pages  LOL).  I will have happy dreams about coming home from work tomorrow and having a whole weekend to accomplish some more!

Happy Quilting,