I am on a mission to collect enough neckties to make a quilt.

This is the beginning of my collection.  These ties were found at an estate sale for a very reasonable price.


I have seen a few very interesting patterns for quilts made from a variety of neckties. I even saw a Bow Tie Quilt that had each Bow Tie made from a different necktie!!! I am not certain which pattern I will follow or if I will create one of my own but I figure I'd better start collecting ties now in order to find enough for an entire quilt.

If you have a favorite Tie Quilt, I would love to see it.  I hope to have many different designs to choose from.

I, of course, do not want to purchase new ties for this project so I am going to scour garage sales, estate sales, thrift stores and friends' closets to fill my "tie box" with ties of various colors and patterns.

Maybe I'll name my quilt "All Tied Up".

Happy Quilting,