National Quilting Day

I'm not going to let it sneak up on me this year.  I'm planning ahead.  March 19 is National Quilting Day and I am bound and determined to have a plan.  I'm planning, so far, to host a quilting day with family and friends. A little quilting and a little lunch (and munchies and desserts!!!) always lead to alot of talking and alot of laughter!!!

I'm not sure yet if I'll ask everyone to bring their own project to work on or if I'll cut kits and we can all work on the same quilt.  Maybe I'll be able to get the group to agree to work on a Crazy Quilt.  I know I have been on a little Crazy Quilt kick lately and wouldnpt mind getting others on the band-wagon too!

If you have any ideas for a terrific quilting party day,  please send them my way.

Happy Quilting,