National Quilting Day

March is National Craft Month.  I love celebrating.  I try to revisit some of the crafts I have not done in a while because of my busy schedule.   I also like to do an extra project or two in my classroom with my second graders.  They are always very excited to work with my art and craft supplies.

My favorite craft, of course, is quilting and Sunday, March 21, 2010 is National Quilting Day!!!  You have less than a week to make your final plans!  What will you do on Sunday?  Will you begin a new quilting project?  Will you finish a project that may have been set aside for some reason?  Will you work on a piece for charity?  Will you decide to create a quilt square to enter in a contest you read about?  Will you read a quilter's novel?  Will you go fabric shopping for your next project or to add to your stash?  Will you clean and organize your quilting area so it is ready for you and your next quilt?  Will you gather with a few friends and have a sewing day?  Will you sneak off to your quilting area with a cup of coffee to spend a peaceful afternoon alone with your fabric?

I plan on "letting" my husband take me out for breakfast.  When we get home, I'll put Sunday dinner in the oven then retreat to my studio and get lost in a project for the entire afternoon.  After dinner, I'll go back for a while longer before having to get things ready for another school day on Monday. 

I'm not entirely sure which project I'll work on yet but, to me anyway, deciding and planning is almost as much fun as doing.

Whatever you decide.....I hope you have a great day.

Happy Quilting,