Nascar Interference

What a terrific weekend.  My husband and I got to go to the Nascar Races in Michigan with our dear friends.  It was great.  We ate too much, slept too little, baked in the hot-hot-hot sun and enjoyed every minute. 

Of course I didn't get any quilting done since I was away from my studio, however, I did pick up a few new quilting magazines to read in the hotel room before falling asleep.  I also sketched a few quilting designs and made lists (a to do list and a to buy list) while riding in the car.  Hundreds of people along the traffic route to and from the race track set up yard sales,  one quilter had her quilts hanging out for sale!!

After the race on Sunday, we tailgate in the parking lot while waiting for some of the traffic to clear.  We get a kick out of watching the drivers leaving in their helicopters, motor homes and trucks.

We had a fabulous weekend but it's always good to get home.......the  dog missed us and it's nice to sleep in my own bed!!!

Happy quilting,