My Seam Ripper, My Friend

This has turned out to be quite a week!!!  After our electrical outage I felt like I was behind schedule on a few things.  Well, I think one of Murphy's laws has something to do with.....when you are trying to keep up, something will happen to put you further behind!!!

I was working on a quilt (and of course it had to be someone else's and not one of my own) when a mishap occured and caused a small (about ¼") hole in the quilt!!!  Luckily it is in the border, about 2" from the edge of the quilt and can be repaired. Ohhhh how I hated having to make the "I'm very sorry but something happeded to your quilt" phone call.   Happily, my customer understood that this kind of thing can happen and is bringing another piece of the border fabric so it can be replaced.   Her backing material is large enough so the quilt top can be moved past the hole in the backing.......whew!

Unfortunately, the quilting that was already done had to be removed for the repairs to take place so my seam ripper and I have been best friends!!!  I truly dislike having to remove quilting stitches.   The only thing I hate more than having to remove quilting stitches (too many opportunities for more damage to be done) is to have to remove them from someone else's quilt!!!

All is well and when the new border piece arrives it can be attached and the quilting can continue!!!

I am thankful that these things seldom happen.   I am very happy when they have a happy ending!!!

Happy Quilting,