Much Better

After a good night's sleep, a big cup of coffee and a fresh start Saturday morning --- things went much better for me in my studio.  The embroidery I needed to finish got done, without a hitch this time.  I was able to work on quilting a quilt, which went very well.   I'm much happier when things go smoothly!!!

We also got the opportunity to visit with several family members this weekend.  This was alot of fun!  One of my sister's daughters was in town from upper Wisconsin.  We don't get to see her and her two sons very often.  It was wonderful to visit with her and the boys.  My brother's grandchildren, my grandson and the boys (two of my sister's grandsons) had the chance to play, eat pizza and get reacquainted.  I love seeing these young cousins getting to know each other!!!

I was delighted to find out that my 10 year old great nephew was learning how to hand-stitch and began piecing his first quilt top!!!  I think it's great the he wants to make a quilt like his mom and grandma.  I, of course, promised to quilt it for him when he finishes this masterpiece.

I get very excited when a new quilter is born.

Happy Quilting,