Mr. Fixit

Mike Rowe (the Dirty Jobs Guy, also on many commercials) gave a speech recently about the lack of training going on for blue collar jobs. Everybody is being pushed to go to school to get their degree in business, technology, science etc. and less and less are being trained for the trades. I do think a good education is important but a degree is not the answer for everyone and I agree with the idea that all jobs are important and we will be in trouble in a few years if we do not start treating labor jobs as if they are important.

We need plumbers, electricians, truck drivers, carpenters, tile layers, farmers, cement workers, steel workers, automotive repairmen, waitresses, hairdressers, barbers, etc. It used to be that most people were able to work on their own repairs and had at least a basic ability to troubleshoot problems. It seems that in today's world, we want someone else to fix our car, clogged sink, broken door etc. Being a capable Handyman is a good job to have these days.

I'm one of the lucky ones! My husband is "one of those guys". He is one of those guys that can do/fix almost anything. He can do woodwork, electrical, gas, plumbing, construction, automotive, appliances etc...etc...etc....

My favorite sewing cabinet is over thirty years old and is used every day. It was starting to have some issues and probably should have been replaced but my husband knows how much I love it and how comfortable I am when I use this cabinet. WOW! He fixed it for me. We flipped it upside-down. He took the bottom apart and rebuilt it with a beautiful piece of oak. Tonight the clamps were removed, the new casters put on and it's as good as new. Actually, it's better and stronger than ever. I'm putting all of my supplies back into the nooks and crannies and I'll be sewing there by tomorrow!!!

Thanks Honey, and will get the homemade lasagna I promised you!!!

Happy Quilting,