Mother Nature

I am very anxiously awaiting a visit from my sister.  She is supposed to be coming on Friday. I hope she does not end up snowbound.  This is the third day in a row that they have had snow. Not just a dusting......inches of the white fluffy stuff.  It just keeps coming and coming!  This is supposed to be spring but Northern Wisconsin seems to be taking another stab at winter.

Since a quilt top my sister sent to me "disappeared" in the mail last year, she likes to bring them to me in person.  I have been quilting the quilts she left with me the last time we saw each other so she can pick them up when she comes for this visit.  I know she has been working and has more quilt tops to leave with me to be quilted.  Now all we need is for Mother Nature to cooperate with our plans!!!

Wish us luck.

Happy Quilting,