I don't think a day goes by that I don't think about my mother.  She was such a wonderful person and is loved and remembered by anyone who ever met her.  As Mother's Day approaches,  I am especially thankful that my mother taught me how to be a good mom and I, in turn, could pass this on to my children.

My mother also has to be given credit for my quilting successes!!  Although my mom was not a quilter, she encouraged me each time I tried a new craft or hobby.  She demonstrated patience every time I needed her help with my newest craft or hobby!!!

Sewing Machine

The sewing machine pictured here is my mom's Singer Featherweight.  Mom got this machine when she and my father got married and used it mainly for mending and hemming.   I learned to sew, using this machine when I was about seven years old.  Soon after that, my eldest sister had her first baby and I used my leftover pieces of fabric to make my first quilt.

Mom's sewing machine lives with me now and I use it every now and then.  It has the best straight stitch in the world and runs with a soothing hum.  I like to use this machine to piece quilt tops and let my mind wander and fill with memories.

Thanks mom.

Happy Quilting,