More Time for Quilting

Maybe I'm just frugal by nature.  Maybe its because I am a child of parents who survived The Great Depression.  I have a difficult time throwing anything away.  I swish water to get the last little bit of soap or conditioner out of a bottle.  I use fabric strips from worn out blue jeans to weave rugs on my weaving loom.  I've even passed up the new fabrics in my stash, on occassion, to make a quilt from the "good parts" of worn out clothing.

I typically drive a car until its a  rust bucket, wear clothes until their worn then cut them into rags, and if something still works --- I still use it!!

I may have to re-think some of these practices!!!  My 28 year old washer finally died and its partner (the dryer) was on its last legs.  We found a fantastic sale during Thanksgiving weekend and ordered one of those high efficency washer/dryer sets.  They were delivered today and I am absolutely amazed.  They use way less water, soap, and energy while doing way bigger loads....all this while making hardly any noise.

The way I see it, since I'm going to be saving $$$ on gas, electric, water and laundry products and since I'll be saving time by doing fewer loads.....I'll will have more time and $$$ for quilting!!!  I can't help it --- its how my mind works.

I think I'll look around.  Maybe there is something else around here that should be replaced.......I'm dreaming of  some more quilting.....

Happy Quilting,