More Fabrics From Around the World

Well, now that my grandson is back home...I will show you, as promised, some more of the fabrics I have received from around the world to add to my international quilt project.   A former student of mine is traveling to Hungary and the Netherlands next month for business and is going to try to acquire fabric for me from those two places!!!  Everyone has been very generous and I have accumulated quite a collection already.

This is a great piece from New Zealand.  This piece has a light tan background that shows the landforms of the area. It is made like a map but uses pictures to show the special areas and points of interest.  It is a happy and colorful addition to my collection.

New Zealand FabricNew Zealand Fabric (Close-up)

This little piece is a beautiful handwoven piece from Cypress. It is a vibrant red with many bright and happy colors woven in.  It includes bright yellow, blue, orange, purple and green.  Two of them were sent to me and you can be sure they will both have a special place in the quilt.

Cypress Fabric

The next piece is a gorgeous green and blue from Barcelona, Spain.  It is kind of crinkly with a soft texture.

Spanish Fabric

The next three pieces are from places in The United States of America. 

American Fabric 1American Fabric 2American Fabric 3

The first is a picture collage from Washington state. My daughter lived there for awhile with a backdoor view of Mt. Ranier!  The second is a paneled piece from the state of Wisconsin where my niece lives.  The panels include moose, bears, fishing and log cabins.  The third is a happy little piece that a friend brought back from a visit to the state of Tennessee.  The background is a dark orange.  There are little white flowers and little flowers in three shades of orange.

This final picture is the last piece I have received so far.  It is a great piece from London, England.  It is a panel that shows all of the cakes available for afternoon tea!  I think this piece may become a center panel.  I don't think I'd be able to cut it in to pieces without loosing the charm of the piece!

English Fabric
I am very excited about beginning this quilt in June (after school is out for the summer) and hope to collect a couple more pieces before then.

Happy Quilting,