Well, I feel like an empty nester all over again!!! Our visitor from Australia is gone and our daughter and grandson went home.  This was a wonderful, very busy week.  I enjoy having people in the house and especially enjoy spending time with my grandson.

Now that it's just my husband and I in the house again, it's time for me to get back to work and build momentum to finish the WIPs (works in progress) that I have in various stages of completion.  I have a quilt that is ready for the binding to be attached, one on the machine ready to be quilted, blocks finished and ready to be assembled, some of the squares cut for a quilt and several other projects waiting to be started!!!

I do like having more than one thing going at a time but I feel like I'm behind because I put most projects on hold this week while I had house guests and got to spend so much time with my grandson!

My husband says I work well under pressure and I sure hope he's right because I also need to find instructions to assemble the new weaving loom, clean the house, get the guest room ready for the next visit, get a few more things ready for our son's upcoming wedding, prepare report card grades and get ready for National Quilting Day (Remember, it's March 19!).

I'm going to try lists.  I will make a list of things I need to accomplish each day this week and see if that helps me stay on task.....I'll let you know.

Happy Quilting,