Messy Quilter

I tend to be a messy quilter!  Oh, I'm not messy with my quilting---actually my quilts tend to be neat and precise, I am messy with my studio!!!  I get working quickly and lay a rotary cutter here,  throw some scraps there, set the scissors down here and threads seem to end up everywhere!   I do not like to work in a mess though, and since no one else is bound to clean up after me, I have to take care of it myself!!!  Today was the day.  I spent some time organizing and cleaning so I could  start in a clean studio in the morning.  I suppose just so I can mess it up again!

I also took some time to clean my machines and change needles.  For some reason I'm lucky in that I seldom break a machine needle---that's good.  However, because of this, I tend to forget that it is important to change my needles---that's not good.  It is amazing what a difference a new needle makes.

While we're on the subject...don't forget to change the blade on your rotary cutter too.  Again...what a difference!!!

I'm all set for tomorrow with a clean studio, clean machines, fresh needles and sharp blades.

I'll sleep well tonight and dream about my next project.

Happy Quilting,