Memory Quilts

I finished and delivered five memory quilts from my Great Nephew's dress shirts, t-shirts and the tapestries he had hanging on his walls. His mother, father, grandmother and sisters are very pleased with the way they turned out.

I used the dress shirts to make four patches (6" finished) and six inch (finished) squares. A white-on-white fabric completed the 4-patches and was added to some of the t-shirt pieces to make them fit with the six inch squares.

The orange and blue tapestry with elephants was used for one quilt's backing. It was not quite large enough so I added a  strip of orange fabric . The other tapestry was larger and its design allowed me to cut it in fourths and use part of it on each of the other four quilts. I was lucky to find the matching blue and pink fabrics in my stash and made borders around the tapestry pieces to complete the backs.

It was my pleasure to complete these keepsakes.

Happy quilting,