Memory Quilts

Loosing a loved one is always difficult. Whether they are young, old, sick, or healthy-- taken by illness or an accident -- death leaves an awful emptiness in our heart. If you have lost a loved one or know someone who has, you should consider making a memory quilt.

One of the most difficult tasks after loosing someone dear is deciding what to do with their belongings. I feel it is easier to go through their things with a purpose in mind. When you clean out their closet and you see the shirt they wore to the last family reunion, the favorite church dress, the blouse that had to be worn to bingo or even the pants that helped grow the best them from the donation bag. Use these favorite pieces of clothing to make a quilt. If a spouse and children were left behind, you may wish to make more than one quilt so they can each cuddle up with their own. You could make a bed size quilt but a throw is all you need...something to curl up with on the couch.

A memory quilt can be an elaborate work of art or as simple as cutting six-inch squares and randomly sewing them together in rows. Whatever you decide, the finished product will be cherished by the recipient. You can bet they will be reminded of many happy times and have alot of stories to tell when looking at the pieces in the quilt. While reminiscing they will most likely laugh as well as shed a few tears but they will cherish every memory. Wrapping the memory quilt around their shoulders will feel like a warm hug.

A memory quilt is a wonderful way to bring a little bit of comfort to a grieving friend, relative, or even yourself. If you are creating a memory quilt for yourself because you have lost someone dear, I must advise you to bring a full box of kleenex to your sewing machine with'll need it! Whoever you make a memory quilt for, it is a good thing.

Happy quilting,