Memory Quilt Miracle

A few months ago, one of my very best quilting friends lost his wife.  He wanted to have a memory quilt made by having everyone at the memorial service write a memory of her on a fabric square and creating a quilt with them.  When he asked if I would do this for him I, of course, agreed.  I cut the squares, wrote out directions, provided fabric pens, made a sample and set it up at the back of the room where lunch was being served.  The pastor made an announcement so everyone would know what was being done.  My husband and I had to leave before everyone had a chance to finish eating so my friend was going to make sure he packed everything up and took it home so I could get it from him later.

Sadly, when he called me that evening, he told me there were only two quilt squares was my sample.  

When I was visiting one day I picked up the bag of supplies, took it home and put it in my studio.

Much later, I got a phone call asking if I would prepare squares and provide pens for a signature quilt for an anniversary celebration.  I went to the bag of supplies to get the pens out and decided to count the squares left in the bag.  Much to my surprise........I found completed squares in memory of my friend's wife......many of them......mixed in with the blank squares......then more of them!!!!  It was a miracle.  The quilt can be made!!!  Apparently he thought the only completed squares were on top of the pile.  I didn't even look, just brought the bag home and stored it!

I happily let my friend know there are many squares to create the quilt with.  He said that was a great Christmas gift.  I am glad so many people did make a square for the memory quilt.  I am going to work hard to finish the quilt so he has these wonderful sentiments in his hands.  I believe this quilt will warm his body, heart and soul.

I love a happy ending!

Happy Quilting,