Me in a nutshell.

I found this awesome little zipper pouch at my favorite quilt shop. It describes me in a nutshell! Even when I am eating or sleeping, I am thinking and planning quilting. I find the pouch to be perfect for storing small tools and supplies.

I have started some early Spring Cleaning in my studio. When I am very busy, I find myself leaving piles of remaining fabrics and pieces from my projects perched on every flat surface and a tub full of scraps. I decided I need to free up my work surfaces and begin with a clean slate.

After storing the remaining fabrics where they belong, I sorted the scraps and unused pieces  by size. Then for some more fun! I used my Accuquilt machines and dies to cut  scraps into shapes I can use for future quilts!!

Not only are things neater and more organized, I have groups of pieces at the ready, already cut so I can just grab and sew.

Happy quilting!