Lucky Day

I have been talking to my friends at school about my love of scrap quilts and collecting scraps to create the quilts. I love sorting through scraps, each one is like a little treasure.

Today, one of our staff members handed a plastic grocery bag to me --- it was loaded with scraps of fabric!!!!  It contained a great variety of prints and colors.  I was thrilled to recieve such a wonderful gift.....then it got even better......she asked if these pieces we good enough/big enough for me to use.  She got the pieces from a friend of hers who sews and is glad if someone can get some use out of her scraps.  Since I can use them (oh boy can I use them!!!),  she is going to send a bag of scraps to me every week or twoLaughing

I am absolutely thrilled!  The thought of getting a surprise package of fabric scraps every week or two made me so happy I did a little happy dance (which made my second graders laugh hysterically!).  I had a difficult time waiting until I got home to start going through these wonderful little gems!

Happy Quilting,