Lovers' Knot

Happy Valentines' Day!  I don't do alot of decorating for Valentines' Day but I do like to put a few things out.   As if you couldn't guess, my favorite thing to decorate with is quilts!!!  For Valentines' Day I display a Lovers' Knot quilt (made with heart fabrics) on my heart quilt stand.

This version of Lovers' Knot is made with four different "heart" fabrics.  The "knots" are made from a bright red fabric with red hearts on it.....  I do like tone on tone fabrics.  They are considered a solid but give depth to your work.  They also look a bit different depending how close you are to the piece..... and a black fabric with small, medium and large red hearts outlined in gold.  I like the way the gold jazzes up this fun quilt.  The third fabric is white with thin green vines that hold pink and red hearts in place of flowers.  Lastly, there is a white fabric with medium red hearts, tiny red hearts, tiny x's, a little gold glitz and the words "hugs and kisses".  The red tone on tone was used for the backing of this quilt.  A friend  made this quilt as a display quilt and I quilted it.  The quilting is done in an all over, Heart to Heart pattern with red thread.  After display event was over the quilt was given to me and I am lucky enough to have sole custody.  Thanks, Lloyd.

The quilt stand has a heart base at the bottom and an open heart at the top to hold a quilt.  My husband and I found this quilt stand at an Amish shop while taking the "scenic route" home through Indiana one day.

I hope you'll consider using a quilt or two while you are decorating!!!

Happy Quilting,

QuiltHeart-Shaped Hanger