Love Is, Romance Is...

Different things for different people. Not only different people but perhaps different for different times of our lives. My husband and I are closing in on our thirtieth wedding anniversary and we had, in my opinion, a wonderful Valentine's Day. We went out for brunch and then went shopping at Menard's. We needed a few things, and got a few more that we didn't really need! When we came home, my husband spent most of the afternoon watching a race ( we're Nascar fans ) and I spent the afternoon working on a quilt. While I was working ( I'm sure during a commercial, but that's OK with me ) my thoughtful hubby brought me a fresh cup of coffee and made conversation about the quilt I was working on. He even made sure to use some of the correct jargon to prove that he does pay attention when I talk about quilting. In the evening, we met a group of friends at a favorite restaurant for dinner and a few laughs.

I love quilts, quilting, cutting, piecing, shopping, planning, laying out, binding, and everything to do with all of the above. I do something related to quilting every day. Some days a little. Some days a lot. I love my husband and the fact that he supports/enables :) my quilting obsession. Sometimes he admires, sometimes he teases, but either way he does pay attention to what makes me happy and that makes me really happy!!!

I hope that each of you finds someone and something in your life that makes you really happy. I hope, of course, that you continue to find happiness in quilting and everything it has to offer.

Here is a challenge for you: Make a quilt block each month with a large heart in the center. Use the technique(s) of your choice such as applique, piecing, paper piecing or stamping. Every heart could be made using the same pattern or each one could incorporate a different pattern or technique. You could use matching fabric for each block or make it scrappy. Use a fabric marker or embroidery to write a sentiment on each heart. You could start with something like "Love is...", Happiness is ...", or "Romance is...". You could draw from your own experiences or those of others for each heart. When you have twelve blocks completed, put them together to create a quilt top. You could put them square or on point. With or without sashing or a print block in between. Quilt and bind. You will have a fabulous quilt ready to display by next Valentine's Day and an intriguing conversation piece. Ohhhh, "Conversation Hearts"! ( I couldn't resist. )

I'd love to see your progress. Please remember to post pictures as you go.

Happy Valentine's Day ---Happy Quilting!