Long Distance Quilting

I'm going to try something a little different.......Long Distance Quilting!  My sister and her husband moved a few hundred miles away and I really miss getting together with my sister for quilting days.  Hopefully during the spring and summer we will be able to get together for a week or long weekend of quilting but the winter weather is unreliable for travel. 

When it's cold and snowy outside.......it's warm, cozy, and perfect for quilting inside!!!  Since we can't get together to quilt right now, we'll try Long Distance Quilting.  We have wanted to make a Take Five quilt for awhile now.  We already have the Christmas fabric we want to use, but, did not get them made for Christmas 2011.  I am using my Accuquilt Studio to cut all of the pieces we need for our quilts.  I'll mail my sister's pieces to her and we can both piece our quilt tops.  I think it will be fun to phone, text and/or e-mail each other and compare our progress.  We can even send pictures as we finish blocks, rows and the whole quilt top.   My sister will send her quilt top back to me and I will quilt both quilts!!!

Hopefully I'll be able to return her finished quilt to her in person.

Happy Quilting,