Life and Quilting

One of my favorite things about quilting is that it is forgiving!!! When life throws those Monkey Wrenches at you, quilting forgives you for not spending so much time with it. I also love the fact that you can quilt a little bit or a whole heck of a lot!!! I have had a few of those Monkey Wrenches and did not realize myself how long its been since we last "spoke".

I have been trying desperately to work on my long arm quilting and have let some of my own projects slip just a little bit. The flu going around the school is a miserable, nasty thing and unfortunately my second-graders were all too willing to share it with me!!! Its amazing, however, that when you start to feel better --- but not quite strong enough to spend time in the studio --- you can devote so much time to shopping ( in my jammies in catalogs and on line!!! ) and just when you're feeling better, the mailman, the UPS man and the Fed EX guy all bring you presents. :)

WARNING! Watch your chewy puppies! Our puppy is 7 months old now. He is tall ( can reach the tables and counters ) and weighes over 70 pounds. I am always very careful to not allow him access to quilting projects ( mine or other peoples ), tools, supplies, shoes, my grandson's toys and all of the other usual objects of interest to a puppy and his teeth. Weeeeeeelllllllll he became ill and had to have emergency surgery, an extended stay in the doggie hospital, and much TLC during recovery because he chewed apart and swallowed a piece of terrycloth! Most likely a dish rag or washcloth. The doc had to open his intestines and stomach to remove the pieces that were caught and causing a blockage and the intestines to kink. He is doing fine now but there is no learning curve and we have to watch even more closely so it does not happen again. Murphy should add a law: If you are a quilter, your new puppy will like to chew textiles!!!!

I have been receiving fabrics from several people around the world and will be sharing pictures and more information shortly. Its just all too good to keep to myself.

Happy Quilting,