Let's Play with Cards

I ordered this box of cards  just because I wanted to see what's inside! I am enticed by anything quilt related and often  take a chance and order. Sometimes I am disappointed, but, usually I am very satisfied.

I have to say I am very happy I took a chance on the Quilt Builder Card Deck.  The first thing I noticed was the sturdy construction of both the 50 cards and the storage box.



There are 40 block cards. The front of each block card shows a diagram of the quilt block. The back of each block card shows the block, the pieces needed with cutting specifications for five different block sizes and an assembly diagram. Such a useful reference tool and the math is already done for you!


There are 10 more cards in the box. One is, in my opinion, like a book cover. Giving the title, publisher and disclaimer information. The other nine are jam-packed with information on both sides that can be useful to both new and seasoned quilters. I like having them on my shelf as an easy to access quick reference tool.



Happy quilting,