Let's Decorate!!!

Happy December.  If you are like me you are trying to keep up with your everyday life and trying to get ready for the holidays at the same time!  Or maybe you are one of "those" people ..... the really organized kind who sent out all of their Christmas Cards and did all of their decorating the day after Thanksgiving and have had their shopping done and the gifts wrapped since July.  Either way, I would like to encourage you to use quilts in your decorating.

Using quilts and quilted items to decorate is fun, quick, cheerful and a great reason (excuse) to do some more quilting.  Placemats, table covers, napkins, aprons, wallhangings, toilet covers, throws, potholders, hotpads, tissue box covers, curtains, quilts, pillows, runners, basket liners, stockings and tree skirts are all great projects to accent your home for the holidays.

If you make multiple sets, you can change your decor for the holiday or season quickly with beautiful results every time.  You may want to begin by making four sets.  One for each season --- Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.  The next year you could add some holidays or special occasions, each year add a couple more to enhance your growing collection --- New Year's Celebration, Snowflakes, Valentine's Day, Kites, Hot Air Balloons, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, May Flowers, Fun Bugs, Fourth of July, BBQ,  Back to School, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Birthdays --- before you know it you'll be decorating for every occasion imaginable!

Have fun with this!!!

Happy Quilting,