Let It Snow!

The snow has started to fall.  We are supposed to get a couple of inches before morning.  Winter has certainly arrived.  The temperature has been in the teens for a week now.  I'm not one for spending too much time outside in the cold but from the inside looking out.....the snow is pretty!  It makes everything look clean and sparkly.

I was working in my studio.  My husband came in to say goodnight before going to bed after a long day.  I heard him go into the bedroom then I heard,  "Oh yes!!!"   "Thank you."  I smiled.

I had washed all of the bed linens and when I remade the bed I added a Christmas quilt on top!  It's nice to know that  a quilt is so appreciated!  So I say, go ahead, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow........we will be warm, comfy and snuggled under the quilt on this snowy winter night!

Happy Quilting,