Jane's Quilts

This beautiful applique rooster is the center of the "Chicken Quilt" my friend Jane made.  He is surrounded by hens.  I would like to call  your attention to the checkerboard sashing.  That sashing is not a print......it is pieced!!!  Each piece is a ¾" square. The applique hens and the rooster are each on a large circle in the center of each square of floral print.


This quilt is about 45" square and will make a great wall hanging, chair throw or table topper.

I quilted SID (stitch in the ditch) for the sashing and cornerstones then I did a small meandering (not as small as stippling) in the floral print in the cornerstones and the same floral print in the main blocks around the chickens.

Quilt Backing

This beautiful quilt is made of shades of tan, teal and olive green.  These colors did not sound like an attractive combination to me at first, but when I saw this quilt.....WOW!  it is absolutely beautiful.

It called for some special quilting.  Each shimmery teal square inside the large tan square has a rose quilted in the center with elongated loops in the tan square.  Small wandering loops are in the pieces with the four patches and the square on point.  There are two outer borders also with elongated loop designs.   An Olive Green binding locks it all together.

These are two of the quilts my friend Jane started and I am finishing for her children.  I know the quilts will give them some comfort and working on them is therapeutic for me.

Happy Quilting,