Life is short.  I think a person is very fortunate if they meet one very good friend/soulmate in their lifetime.  I am extremely lucky because I have a couple of these people in my life.

My friend Jane and I met 30 years ago.  We have spent endless hours together.  We drank countless cups of coffee.  We were quilting buddies (and you know that included shopping, planning, cutting, sewing, piecing, quilting, going to shows etc.) and created many masterpieces together.  We raised our children, planned their futures,  got each other through their "phases".  Celebrated our grandchildren, talked about our husbands and families.  Helped each other through the hard times and shared the good.  Jane encouraged me and helped me with the grand decision to purchase my longarm machine.

Sadly, this morning, Jane lost her battle with lung cancer.  She is loved and will be missed.

A couple of weeks ago Jane and I discussed her WIP's (works in progress).  I assured her I would finish them for her kids.  I feel like I need to keep busy and I should be doing something useful so I am going to finish Jane's  WIP's now so her children and grandchildren can get some comfort from them.

Happy Quilting,