Ironing Spray

I am finally getting close to being all caught up on things around here and finally took the time to mix up some of the ironing spray I told you about.

I bought a couple of pure essential oils and a friend offered to let me use some of hers so I was able to mix seven  different batches of spray.  I made spray using Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Geranium, Cypress, Bergamote, Lavender and First Response (which features Tea Tree and Eucalyptus).  Now, I know a "normal" person may decide to make one batch at a time, but, I liked the idea of having a bunch to play with at once!!!

The recipe says to mix 2 cups of distilled water with ½ cup of Vodka and 8-10 drops of pure essential oil.  Since I was making several bottles at once, I mixed 6 cups of distilled water with 1½ cups of Vodka.  I poured this mixture into my little spray bottles then added the pure essential oils directly to the bottles.  I used 10-12 drops in each bottle, but, of course, you could adjust the number of drops as desired.

I spent a couple of hours putting this stuff to the test!!! This spray is wonderful!  I'm not sure why it works so well but it does.  It was very easy to make, completely removes every wrinkle---easily, gives life to the fabric, makes the house smell terrific, helps me (how depends on the oil used!) and did not bother my allergies. This is a win, win, win, situation!!!

My only disappointment was in my spray bottles!!!  I admit, I bought bargain bottles and I know, I get what you pay for.  However, I did not expect the bottles to collapse when I was doing alot of spraying at once!!! Apparently, they were not letting enough air back into the bottle. 

I will continue to use this wonderful spray but I will be investing in a better bottle!

Happy Quilting,