I See Quilts Everywhere!

So, I was being a very good girl today getting ready for a family gathering tomorrow.  Since we were sick during the Christmas Season, we postponed our family get-together.  It was difficult for me to work on getting things prepared for this fun time and avoid the temptation to go to my studio and sew!!!  I did, however, gather my self control and worked on the housework, shopping and food preparations.

How bad is it though that I see quilts everywhere?   I looked at the tile in the bank --- and saw a quilt pattern.  I looked at the displays in the grocery store --- and got quilt ideas.  I was doing laundry and looked at some of my husband's shirts and thought of how the fabric would look in a quilt!!!!  Hmmmm.....he came home just in time to save his shirts from my scissors. Sooo, I went to the kitchen and made the deviled eggs!!!

I look forward to visiting with everyone tomorrow......and quilting tomorrow evening!

Happy Quilting,