I Love Newbies

I love "newbies". People who are new to sewing and/or quilting are always enthusiastic about every aspect of the craft.  They get excited whenever you show them anything and everything whether it be tools, supplies, colors or new techniques.

There was a knock on my classroom door and one of the parents from the neighborhood was there to show me the little outfit she had just  made for her niece.  She got a sewing machine for Christmas.  That's all she wanted.....and got it!!!  She also received some gift cards and used them to purchase a few fabrics to begin with.  She has been sewing ever since.  And ..... you guessed it..... she wants to learn how to make a quilt!!!

I am going to look through my collection of sewing patterns and find some that are not too difficult for a beginning sewer to start with.  We spoke about saving the leftover pieces to begin a "fabric stash".  I am also going to go through my fabrics to see if there is anything to suit her purposes.  I know I'll find some fabrics to help start her quilting stash.  In the meantime, she is going to make sure she has a quarter inch foot to begin piecing with.

Newbies are kind of like a fresh, clean slate!!!  They are just beginning to collect materials including threads, fabrics, tools and supplies.  It is so much fun to help them stock up and to witness their delight while shopping, learning and realizing the result as a project begins to take shape!!!

I'm going to go start a box for her now.

Happy Quilting,