I Love A Good Book

During the school year, most of the reading I do is for educational purposes and lesson planning.  I love to read and during summer break I have a little  more time to read purely for enjoyment.  In this case, when I am not quilting ..... I am reading about quilters!!!

I am reading a series of books that I feel I have to share with you.  These books are the Elm Creek Quilts novels by Jennifer Chiaverini.  I am really enjoying this series.  The stories are fiction but contain may facts about quilts, quilters and quilting.  Jennifer Chiaverini is an excellent writer who captures the spirit of quilters in her stories.  The stories include some history and even mention the underground railroad and the role quilts are believed to have played in helping escaped slaves.  The stories flow nicely, the characters and events are believable.  In fact, I find myself wanting to visit Elm Creek Manor!!!!

These books make a handsome collection and are available in both hard and soft covers.  I have been ordering mine from Amazon.com. When a new book is coming out they let you pre-order and they ship it to you  so it arrives on the first available date.

I do suggest you read these books in order.  It helps to know the background of the characters and the history of the events that are taking place.

When you find yourself wanting more ..... don't despair ..... there are coordinating quilt books so we can stitch the quilts we read about in these wonderful stories!  They are also available at Amazon.com.  These are a must see.  These quilt books bring the quilts from the stories to life.  You may make one or all of the quilts for your own collection.  If you have friends and family members who quilt too, you could each make some of the blocks for Sylvia's Bridal Sampler and put the quilt together for some very lucky bride.

Even if you do not end up making these quilts for yourself, these quilt books are worth having to look at and read.  You will want to have them on the shelf next to the Elm Creek Quilts novels!!! You're going to love these.

Let me know what you think. I do hope you think they're !

Happy Quilting!