I Feel a Quilt Coming On

My husband's big brother used to have and fly small airplanes.  My husband spent a lot of time with him at the airport while growing up and has thought about getting a pilot's license for a long time. He has finally done so!!!

Roger in the sky

This is my husband's new love!  It is a powered parachute and brings new meaning to taking a Sunday ride!!!

This weekend we have been spending time at a Fly In at the airport.  I am very glad I remembered to bring my camera.  I have taken some spectacular pictures and ( I know you can see what's coming--- )  suddenly I feel a quilt coming on!  After all,  I've made Custom Car Quilts for car guys and Tractor Quilts for tractor guys, and even a Boat Quilt for a boat guy, so I thought-----why not an Aircraft Quilt for a  fly guy!!!

Happy Quilting,