I Bribe Myself!

I love Saturdays.  This morning I slept in.  After showering, I made a pot of coffee, the dog took me for a walk , I threw in a load of laundry and went to my studio. 

After that, I had to bribe myself with quilting in order to get any other housework done at all.  Once I was in the studio I didn't want to leave so the rest of my day went something like this:  After I attached a quilt to my long-arm machine I told myself I could begin quilting if I vacuumed first.  When half of the quilt was finished, I promised me I could quilt the rest after the dishes were done.  I allowed myself to remove the quilt from the machine after I mended a pair of jeans for my son, fixed a hem on my brown dress pants  (I hate to mend.  I would rather make a totally new item than fix an old one --- so --- bribery was the only alternative ) and sewed a seam on a favorite blouse.

Another walk with the dog, lunch with friends, and another load of laundry......then I gave up the whole bribe idea and stayed in the studio!  It was much more fun binding the quilt I had finished, creating a new quilt label, calling the quilt clients on my list, attaching another quilt to the machine and cutting pieces on my Accuquilt machine than doing more housework!!!  Besides, I bet it will still be there tomorrow!

Happy Quilting,