Huggable Hangers

Sometimes, while trying to keep strips or completed rows organized for a quilt in progress, I will put them on a hanger.  Putting them on a hanger keeps them in order, in clear view and neatly pressed.  The only problem with this method is that the pieces sometimes slide off of the hangers, especially when moving them from one place to another.

I found the perfect solution!!! Huggable Hangers! 

Huggable Hangers are very durable hangers. They are flat, covered with velvet and come in a variety of different colors.  These hangers were invented by Joy Mangano and are becoming very popular.  They are sold in many stores but the best deal I have seen on them is at HSN (Home Shopping Network).  I use them in my closet and love the fact that clothes never slide off. 

Finally, I thought to use them in my studio!  Now, my pieces never even slide and never fall off.  If I am working with pieces for more than one quilt, I use different colored Huggable Hangers to keep the pieces organized!!!  I love this simple solution to an annoying problem!

Happy Quilting,