Huggable Hangers

My parents taught me to beware of advertisements, especially those that make grand claims that seemed too good to be true.  Since I was a little girl, I've taken pleasure in "proving them wrong" (the advertisers---not my parents!).

My parents indulged me when they could.  I remember when my mother bought three different brands of steal wool scouring pads for me to "test".  I had seen a television commercial claiming that their scouring pad had more soap in it and lasted longer than the others.  I did the test at home to prove them wrong......they were right, SOS did last longer than the other brands!!!   Soon after this, my father bought a subscription to Consumer Reports.  I enjoyed reading about the tests that were being done on other products of all kinds.

I still test things and often prove them wrong.  I seldom find products  whose claims were not exaggerated in one way or another.  

Recently, I told you about the Magic Bobbin Washers.  I bought them to prove them wrong but, I am happy to say,  they are truly amazing and work as well, if not better, than they claim.  I still can't believe I had never heard about them before thisSmile.

I found another product that lives up to its claims.  Huggable Hangers.  Huggable Hangers are the brain child of inventor Joy Mangano.  They are very thin, velvet-covered, designer clothes hangers that claim to give you more closet space and hold your clothes (no matter what size).  They claim clothes of any fabric and/or size will not be found on the floor of the closet.  I couldn't stand it any longer,   I ordered a set from the Home Shopping Network so I could personally try them out and run my "experiments".  They work just like they claim.  I like them sooo much (I know, you're thinking "it's just a hanger")  that I ordered more and those are the only hangers in my closet now!!!

To top all of that.....I found a use for the Huggable Hangers in my quilting studio!!!!  When I iron my strips for strip quilting or a row of blocks assembled for a quilt top, I like to put them over a hanger to keep them wrinkle free.  The problem was that if I didn't get the strips or rows perfectly centered over the hanger.....they would eventually slide off and I would be picking them up off the floor.  One day it dawned on me to try using on of my Huggable Hangers to hold the strips and assembled rows of blocks.  Amazing!!! Super!!!  Awesome!!!  I wish I'd thought of it sooner!!!  Wide strips, thin strips, strings,  blocks, rows of blocks or a whole quilt-----the Huggable Hanger holds it all.   I  love finding ways to use household products in quilting.

Even if you don't try Huggable Hangers in your closet, you will want to try them in your sewing room.

Happy Quilting,