Hug Light

Wow!  This thing that's going around has really beat me.  I thought I was doing better, over did it, and got worse.  I was taught to share, but my husband is not appreciating that right now because I shared with him!!! 

The only thing that seems to help at all is rest.  Rest, rest, sleep, sleep, sleep, and rest.  I am actually tired of being tired.   OK,  enought whining!  I got the cutest (and most helpful) little thing today.  A "Hug Light".  The "Hug Light" is an LED Flex Light, hands-free task light.  It has several different settings.   You can hang it around the back of your neck,  around your arm, a bedpost, a ladder, your belt or make it stand up on its own.

Today I used my new light while looking through a quilt magazine and while knitting a little bit.  The possiblities are endless.  I can't wait until I feel better and can get in my studio.  I think this little light will be great while quilting, cutting pieces, searching through my stash for the perfect color or print, threading a needle or even while using my seam ripper!!!  It seems the older I get, the more light I need.  I can't wait to try it out all over the house.

Mine was purchased at Costco.  If you don't have a Costco near you, you could go to to check them out. 

Happy Quilting,