Here's More Detail

When I told you about my sister coming over and finishing the quilt for her grandson, I had failed to take a picture to show it to you.  I get so caught up in the fun, I don't always remember to stop and grab the camera!!!

I went to my sister's house today to visit her family while they were in town and I actually remembered the camera!  This quilt is a great "drag-a-bout" quilt. Drag-a-bout is a term coined by one of my quilt customers to describe a quilt used every day and perhaps dragged around by a child. A quilt is like a warm hug you can keep with you.  This quilt will be the one that goes everywhere the child goes. This quilt will go in the car on long trips, it will be the quilt to wrap up in at the fire-works or soccer games, and the quilt that goes back and forth to grandma's house.  The main part of the quilt is a cute print with frogs floating and playing.  A photo of her grandson is in the center of the quilt.  A yellow and a red border surround both the picture in the center and the whole quilt.  The backing is also red.

I want you to see the neat design my sister drew to be quilted on this quilt.  Since the front of the quilt is loaded with frogs, she designed water and lily pads with water lilies to be quilted.  The design really shows on the red backing. The quilting design is placed so it looks like her grandson is sitting on the lily pad in the center of the front of the quilt.  It turned out perfect.  We stitched "----'s Pad" in the border at the top to personalize it.

Quilt Back

My great-nephew loves the quilt his grandmother made for him.  As soon as his cousins see it ..... she'll be making more!!!

Happy Quilting,