Have A Heart

I had a fantastic  day yesterday. There was no school in honor of Casimir Pulaski so my two sisters and I had a girls' day. The weather was beautiful, we talked, we went out to lunch, we laughed, we shopped, we shopped some more, we visited. 

Our eldest sister makes the most beautiful rugs, table runners, chair pads, baskets and bags chrocheted from cotton fabric.  Some years ago, she and her family had a run of bad luck which  included a fire, a tornado and a terrible car accident.  She had to find something to help her keep her sanity during these hard times. She began crocheting a rug and took to it like a duck takes to water.  She does great work and has become very popular.  She sells at several craft fairs each year and has quite a following.  Every time we visit we, of course, have to nose around her "rug room" and look through her inventory to see if there is an item we can't live without.  I usually find more than one that I just have to have.

Pile of Rugs 1Carol & SusanPile of Rugs 2

My sister Susan  buys the mill ends of fabric which comes in large rolls of varying widths.  She cuts the rolls into a workable width and rolls it into balls to use to crochet her products. My sister Carol was choosing colors for her next rug and I was snooping through all of the rolls of beautiful fabrics.  We started talking about the upcoming craft fairs and orders that Susan has to fill.  As usual ........ while I was looking at and fondling the fabric ........I thought of turning the fabric into quilts!!!

The three of us came up with the perfect plan.  Susan is going to cut a chunk of fabric from each roll before she prepares it for crocheting.  I'm going to use these chunks of fabirc to create a scrap quilt so she will always have some bit of each of her projects and fabrics to keep with her!!!  We took the first few cuts while we were together to start the collection and keep our creative juices flowing.

I love to spend time with my sisters and am very fortunate that my sisters are also two of my best friends.

Happy Quilting,

Shelves of RugsCarol & SusanSusanSusan & Laurel