Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

A friend of mine gave me the pieced top for this table topper......a table topper top!!!  He said I could have it as long as I finished it.  I used a very thin batting, added a solid green backing and made a very narrow binding.  I meandered the entire piece.  I wanted strong quilting so it can stand up to multiple washings if necessary.  It turned out great and adds a nice splash of color for St. Patrick's Day.

Quilt Photo 1

The main fabric in this quilt is a beautiful green fabric with a  jumble of shamrocks in various shades of green.  It reminds me of a field of clover in the summer sun.

Quilt Photo 2

The dark fabric in the nine-patches is a rich black fabric covered with tiny shamrocks and gold glitter.  It adds a nice zing to this little topper.

The body of the table topper is framed with a one inch strip of solid green. The outside border is an emerald green fabric with the words "St. Patrick's Day" printed in white, various sizes and repeated all over the fabric.

Quilt Photo 3Quilt Photo 4

Surprisingly these fabrics all look good together and do not look too " busy".

Corned beef and boiled potatoes for supper, a new little table topper on the table, spring weather and fresh air......Life is good.

Happy Quilting,