Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!  My mother always told us "Everybody's Irish on St. Patrick's Day!".  I know we always have fun on St. Patrick's Day.  Today was no exception.  A "leprechaun" left "gold dust"  all over in my classroom.  The children caught glimpses of him in the hall but we couldn't catch him!  We did a fun art project, ate shamrock cookies and got lucky coins.  Whew!  Second graders sure have alot of energy and enthusiasm.

When I came home I walked into my house filled with the smell of corned beef which had been slow cooking in a roaster all day. Yum.  I don't know why I don't make corned beef more often, we really like it.  Tomorrow we'll have corned beef sandwiches for lunch and I'll make corned beef hash for supper.

I don't do alot of decorating for St. Patrick's Day but I do put a few things out including a Triple Irish Chain quilt made with shamrock fabrics.  The light fabric is a white background with fine vines holding green shamrocks of various colors of green.  The two dark fabrics are both very similar with a black background with different placements of green shamrocks.  The larger shamrocks are outlined with gold.

Holiday quilts are certainly a fast, fun and easy way to decorate for any holiday or special occassion.  You might want to think of the time you celebrate the most or the longest and start with a quilt for that time.  Be cautious though,  once you make one and put it on display, you'll want another, and another, and another.........

Happy Quilting,