Happy Meal

My grandson, who is also my little quilting buddy, was very disappointed when he found the girl's toy in his Happy Meal today.  He was not at all happy to find the American Girl toy rather than the expected toy car.  This was, after all, the back to school celebratory Happy Meal!!!

Finally, after a long time, Little Fish decided to at least look through the little book about a girl named Addy.  Pretty soon his disappointment turned to excitement.  The little book talks about making a Story Quilt and contains two templates and two sheets of stickers so he could create his own story quilt.  Little Fish said to his mom, "I can make quiilts just like my Grandma.  You've got to see this.  I did it all by myself." 

When I got home I was able to see the two sticker Story Quilts he had made and we looked at the quilt square comparison page in the little book.  I'm glad his day ended on a happy note and I am happy anytime I see a fun quilt related activity presented to children.

I think I'm going to get a Happy Meal for my lunch tomorrow.

Happy Quilting,