Happy Holloween

Happy Halloween!

Whether you celebrate Halloween or not....You'd have to admit that the little children in their costumes are cute! They are always so excited about Trick Or Treating and some of the costumes show real creativity.  This day at school is a little crazy though. Second graders have a very difficult time focussing on schoolwork when they have Halloween on their minds.

I live in a semi-rural area so I rarely ever get Trick Or Treaters at my door so I took the opportunity to spend a little time in my studio. 

I injured my ankle and was unable to do the stairs for awhile and I truly missed being able to spend time with my fabric and machines. The doc gave me a brace which made it much easier to walk and spend time on my feet so basically, things are back to normal.

It was great to complete a few things I had left unfinished!  I removed the quilt I had quilted from my longarm machine, put the binding on two quilts and worked on a pieced border I am working on to finish off a scrappy quilt.

Ahhhhhh.......sewing again!

Happy Quilting,