Happy Easter/Spring/Life

Spring and Easter have always meant new hope, new beginnings and new life to me.  This year they have an even deeper meaning of all of those things to me and I have great cause for celebrating life.

Shortly after the last time I shared with you, my husband slipped and fell on the horrible ice that was everywhere around us during our winter in the Midwest.  The paramedics reacted quickly and brought him to the nearest hospital.  After a few days, and not thorough care, he was released and we came home. He continued to get worse and had some complications. Next came a trip to Urgent Care and after more complications, a stay in another hospital where they found that he had broken his back and had a serious head injury and bleeding, all from the fall.

I am very happy to say he is doing much better and is expected to have a complete recovery. 

Quilting has always been good to me and even though I was not able to work in my studio because my husband needed 24 hour attendance for awhile, I was still able to work on quilt related things.  I was able to list and plan new project ideas, sketch some of them out, cut fabric pieces with my Accuquilt (on the dining room table), read quilting magazines, iron and sort some of my scrap collection so I am ready for a couple new scrappy quilts.  

This weekend I was able to get back into my studio and make some progress on some of my projects.  This really felt good because I was able to get back to work and because he is doing so well and can be on his own.  He still has many restrictions, especially concerning his back but is well on the road to recovery.

I am happy to be able to share with you once more and have much to tell!

I hope you also had a wonderful weekend and were able to find some time to quilt.

Happy Quilting,