Happy Easter!

Happy Easter.  I have had a fantastic week.  A bit hectic, and I feel like I neglected my quilting a little bit, but I was still in school this week while my daughter and grandson were visiting.  I loved coming home from work and having them here.  My grandson and I would play or work on a little project.  He is seven years old now and the perfect age for more board games.  We had some nice weather to play outside in and began planning my garden.  We also enjoyed shopping a few times for new Legos and such.  We would have dinner, watch a movie then read a few books before his bedtime.  When he was asleep, my daughter and I would stay up late watching a movie and catching up on things.  They are back home now and I have my spring break to catch up on things.

On Friday we colored four dozen eggs (I see egg salad and deviled eggs in my future!).  When then were dry we had Easter Egg Hunts.  First inside, then outside.  It was fun.

During the week my grandson helped me put up a few more decorations.  Festive window clings are very popular with  us this year.  We also have started a collection of bath and kitchen towels!!!  This quilt is the one I display in my home during the Easter Season.  I do love decorating with quilted items and get alot of positive comments about them from friends and family who visit.


The baskets are made from two versions of the same print. The prints are both a jumble of beautifully decorated eggs with a little bit of gold accents.  The brightly colored print was used for the outer basket design and pastels were used for the inside.  The background fabric is a light green with baby chicks and small pink, purple and blue eggs scattered around.  The quilt top was finished with two borders.  The first from the bright egg print and the outer border from the pastel print.  The backing and binding are the same fabric as the background in the body of the quilt.

I hope you have a wonderful day.  Try to get some quilting time in!!!

Happy Quilting,