Happy 4th of July

The Fourth of July is right around the corner.  The weather is hot, flags are flying and fireworks are popping all around us every evening.  I love the pool parties and cookouts with friends and family. I love working in my yard on nice days.  I don't like to be outside if the weather is too hot though. When it is,  I do one of my favorite things.....spend time in the air-conditioning --- quilting.

Quilt Photo 1

This quilt is displayed in my home around the Fourth of July. 

This Lone Star is made entirely from red, white and blue fabrics.   Eleven different fabrics were used in this quilt. Most of them are prints although a solid red and solid blue were also used.  The center of the star and the background are solid blue.  The border which frames the body of the quilt is solid red.  The outer border is a white tone-on-tone piece with tiny flowers and swirls.

Quilt Photo 2

The diamonds which form the star are made from eight different fabrics.  Starting with the center,  these are the solid blue diamonds.  Next is a blue fabric  with fire crackers, red stars, silver stars and a little silver glitter.  The third fabric shows some stripes from a flag flying against some clouds, fireworks and silver stars.  Next, we have a red fabric with white stars,  dark blue stars,  light blue stars and a soft sprinkle of silver glitter.  The next fabric is a colage' of small flags.  The sixth fabric is white with blue shooting stars followed by red trails.  Next is a white fabric with tiny flags all over it.  The final fabric used in the star is blue with silver stars and glitter on it. 

The second, third and fourth fabrics are repeated to complete the star.