Great Weekend

What a weekend!  I had a wonderful weekend.  When my husband and I left the house early Saturday morning, I forgot to get my phone off of the charger but that was the worst of my worries this weekend.  We took a nice, long ride through Northern Indiana to pick-up a piece of equipment. We rode through beautiful country and enjoyed the changing colors. The weather was perfect the entire time.

We saw an Alpaca farm and drove by for a better look.  I love, love, love those creatures and was absolutely delighted when the couple who run the farm allowed us to see the animals up close.  They gave us a personal tour and shared ideas and information with us. They were very kind, friendly and let me spend alot of time getting to know their beautiful animals.   I hope to have a few Alpacas sometime in the near future and loved learning more about them. 

After stopping for lunch, we watched some Amish, horsedrawn buggies go by.  I enjoy watching them and listening to the methodic sound of the horses hooves on the pavement.

Just as I thought the day couldn't get any better, we saw a sign for a small local airport and decided to check it out.  My husband was speaking to another powered parachute guy and I discovered a group of people outside waiting for skydivers to jump!  I got to watch several skydivers.

We were back in our area in time to take a ride and check out the Kankakee Quilt Show.  The quilts on display were beautiful. I love going from vendor to vendor to check out all the new gadgets and notions.  I purchased a beautiful, ladder style quilt display rack.  I can't wait for my husband to have time to assemble it so I can take a picture and show you what it looks like.

It felt very good to go for a nice long ride and I got to see some of my favorite things.

Happy Quilting,